Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 7 - Staying straight on the bumpy road

Ok, today I feel a little tired but basically good. First off, I did my 40 minute cardio workout even though it was tempting to take a rest day since it was Sunday (go me!). It was really hard for the 1st few minutes to get a rhythm but I eventually got going. Once my heart started pumping, I got into the zone!

So, yesterday was rough but I got through it with eating healthy still intact. I went to visit my mother-in-law for dinner and a visit. It was so challeging to eat at someone else's house so soon after starting the plan.

I had originally intended to bring my own food but realized that this could offend her. She told me not to worry, the food will be healthy. We had meatloaf (made with "lean" meat), chicken & pork chops (breaded with bread crumbs) and various veggies. Honestly, it is possible to eat those types of food on weight watchers if I was totally on track and just decided to use extra points. However, in the place I am now, I feel strongly that staying within the target points and feeling full is most important.

So, I left hungry (even having eaten an estimated 10 points) grateful that I like plain food. If I needed to bread or butter everything, I couldn't succeed. I need a full plate and full belly to feel like I can succeed.

Well, lesson learned; everybody has a different view on healthy and I need to find out what works for me. For now, I think I'll limit the family dinners and when necessary, try to get my own food choices. In the end, the only one who can lose this weight is me and taking control is most of the battle!

So, today has been better! I made a ham and spinach sandwich for breakfast with fresh green beans (2 points!). For lunch I made a plated mish mash of potatoes (cubed), green beans, chicken (grilled, plain), peppers and red onions (see picture) all topped with balsamic dressing. Finished the meal with jello mixed with fruit. All this was 4 points and I was totally satisfied. Again, thank god for my liking relatively plain food!

Anyway, enough babbling for today. Have a great day and I plan to do the same!
-- Alyssa

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