Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 6 - yeah!

Wow! Day 6 and I'm still feeling really great! Just finished my 40 minute work out and it's shocking how much fun it is! I tried to video tape my workout so you guys could see how well the Wii works as an exercise tool but the video was fuzzy. I'll try again tomorrow with my other camera. All I know is I feel great and need to hold onto this fantastic feeling and keep exercising even when I don't feel quite so good.

Yesterday, I rocked the points with some cool additions. For lunch I made a ham pita sandwich with chopped green peppers. Plus, I discovered this Boca Chili that was good and you get a Ton for 2 points (I was only able to eat half).

Dinner was fabulous! I made a Boca hamburger on these Arnold Sandwich thins (so good). I went without cheese and added spinach, both new for me. Rounded the meal out with a serving of raw green beans. Surprisingly, the meal was great at only 5 points!

Today is Saturday and usually I find weekends tough so I started off right away with an awesome breakfast. I couldn't believe, when I was done making the meal, how much food I had for just 3 points! I am no cook but even I was impressed with my scrambled egg (southwest style with green and red peppers and red onions), white potatoes cut into blocks (added red onions and my free balsamic dressing I make) and 2 sausage links by morningstar (soy I think)!

Well, off to make lunch and a visit to my mother-in-law's so have a productive day and I'll see you back here tomorrow!

-- Alyssa

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