Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 8 - rocky road...

Soooo, I waited until evening to write today's blog because I was so certain I'd show a super weight loss after having a great week of exercise and eating right. Not so much. I showed 0 loss!!

I was so shocked that I just stood speechless. I did 6 days of 40 minute intense aerobics and ate perfectly for 7 so how could I show no loss?!

My meeting instructor and attendees did have ideas. One of those is that I actually ate under the points most days plus worked out 6 activity points so they wondered if I might need to eat more to avoid my body feeling starved. Ugh!

I feel a little upset (ok a lot) but am not going to let it take me down! I am armed with ideas for this week and determined to show a loss next week so I'll see you back here tomorrow raring to go!

-- Alyssa

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