Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 2 - Getting Real

Wow, I feel great! I went to the meeting last night and can't believe how much that helped me! When I arrived, I was really nervous. I filled out paper work and waited online. When I got to the counter, I was shocked to be asked if I wanted to use the wheelchair scale. How cool is it that they have something like that?! I surprised myself by saying no. Much of my problem stems from lack of motivation. I had come to the meetings, in large part, to force myself to commit and move around more. I climbed down and weighed in at (eeek) 194 pounds!! Feeling really empowered, but shy, I entered my first ever weight watchers meeting. It was great and I was worrying for nothing! Everyone was so welcoming and I felt immediately like I was going to succeed this time!

After the meeting, I went shopping for healthy foods and made dinner. The unfortunate truth about me is that I KNOW how to eat right and even like healthy foods. Therefore, there wasn't really any junk to get rid of in the house. I just needed to get more fresh veggies (which I struggle with) and fruits.

I am an emotional eater and a lazy person physically. Therefore, my challenge will be getting moving and willingness to measure foods. I tend to fall back on junk and fast food. I'm not feeling ready to exercise yet so I will focus on eating correctly. I am tracking my points online at WW because I know that I will cheat if I don't keep a running tally. Hopefully, today will be a success and I can keep up this feeling of accomplishment that I feel today!

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