Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 3 - Starting to Move

Today, I am feeling so great! I ate really well yesterday and have started today right. I am nervous because it has been relatively easy to get started. I am afraid that I will go great guns at the beginning and then loosen up my tight grip on my eating. This blog is helping keep my ultimate goal in mind so, thanks!

Today, out of the blue, I decided to exercise! Now, I should explain that I have the WII with WII Fit and Active and can exercise. The fact that I have a disability really only plays a role in the fact that I have to work harder to lose weight. After that, it is all about excuses. The Wii levels the exercise playing field. I can sweat to many exercises just like anyone else. Maybe more because every movement is a little harder for me.

I worked out for around 20 minutes. I created my own workout in Active for boxing, tennis, baseball, basketball, volleyball and dancing. It was fun and I did feel really good afterward. Now though, I feel really, really, really sore. I hope I feel better by tomorrow so I can build on the success I had today.

I am going to change my workout though. Many of the exercises I did were for upper body (not strengthening) and I need to burn calories right now more that kill my muscles.

Well, I am going to keep plugging away. Hopefully tomorrow I can say I successfully bagged today!

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