Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 5 - Getting there!

I am psyched! I had a good day yesterday and wasn't nearly as sore! Of course, the massage I had for my back, in the afternoon, was divine and helped tremendously!

I made good healthy choices in eating and am really trying to incorporate veggies and other foods that keep you full. I had an omelet with peppers and fruit for breakfast (yumm), brown rice, tuna & onions for lunch and a ham sandwich with small salad for dinner. I am not a good cook and learned 2 things yesterday. One, eggs aren't really enhanced by adding my balsamic salad dressing (odd color!). Two, mustard with splenda isn't really as good as honey mustard.

After work, we went to the market to get more fresh food. I felt the tug of the snack aisle but kept going. I pretty much had to ride with eyes straight ahead to stay on target. Of course, my daughter had to have Teddy Grams. I try not to bring any snacks in the house (luckily even she loves fruit) but I couldn't say no. So far, I have been resisting.

I have started today off well so I am happy. I ate a good breakfast of Greek Non-fat Yogurt and fruit. Then, I exercised for 40 minutes! I worked out similarly to yesterday but edited the work to include inline skating and running (instead of tennis). It was fun and really hard because I increased the difficulty. I felt so happy while I was working out. I guess its true what they say about endorphins releasing while you exercise because I was feeling GOOOD!

I am feeling really wonderful that I have gotten this far. I am nervous about the weekend because we will inevitably go out. I am the most challenged when I am out of my home comfort and routine. I will work hard to eat right and intend to exercise. I'll let you know how it goes!

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